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Stacey Vincent

Stacey L. Vincent

Production Manager

“MCA is a second family to me. Over the years, I have witnessed many changes at MCA that have positioned the company for a bright future.”


Email: svincent@mca-llc.com

Phone: 225.408.8249

When you call MCA, odds are that you’ll talk to Stacey. She knows every nut and bolt of our projects and proposals, and she’s there to make sure that your engineering needs are addressed.

Experience and Qualifications:

Mrs. Vincent’s experience spans 26 years, providing support for engineers and designers at consulting engineering firms in the state of Louisiana.

Mrs. Vincent joined the staff of MCA over sixteen years ago. During her time at MCA, she has held many positions, which has afforded her knowledge and perspective in all areas of our company.  She began as a Project Secretary and later became Mr. Marrero’s assistant. Along with assisting Mr. Marrero, Mrs. Vincent develops our proposals. She is very familiar with the various requirements and formats necessary for proposals to federal, state, municipal and private sector clients.